Barn Owl Box-Barn Mount

Retail Price: $174.99
Our Price: $159.99
Item Number: Barn Model
Manufacturer: Barn Owl Box Co
Manufacturer Part No: Barn Model

Designed by a leading barn owl researcher, The Barn Owl Box is the first lightweight, long-lasting plastic nest box for barn owls. It features a 5.5 entrance hole, landing ledge, rain guard, an acrylic viewing window for viewing eggs and chicks, and a removable front for easy cleaning. The Barn Owl Box will not rot, will not need rebuilt or replaced, and will last indefinitely. Its light weight makes it easy to install in your barn. Comes with all the mounting hardware and a brochure on installation.

The Barn Model is the first barn owl box designed to fit into the side of either a metal or wooden barn and still keep the owls and pest species from access to the interior of the barn. After a 17.5" square is cut into the barn wall, the box slides in and is fastened to the barn wall from the outside. An expanding foam gasket seals any gaps created by reinforcing ridges to keep weather and pest species out. lid is then attached with six bolts. (These six plastic bolts and nuts are easily removed later for cleaning.)

Whether you are a farmer or vintner wanting to incorporate barn owls into your rodent control program, a conservationist wanting to help bolster barn owl populations in your area, or a wildlife lover who desires to have these beautiful owls on your property, The Barn Owl Box provides an ideal nesting site for barn owls that will last indefinitely. Its rugged, molded-plastic construction offers a number of advantages over wood, including its light weight, durability, and ease of installation.

In the orchards and vineyards of California, dairy and crop farms of the Midwest, sugar cane fields of Australia, oil palm plantations of South East Asia, and the communal farms of Israel, the barn owl has proved to be a valuable asset in integrated pest management programs, sustainable agriculture, and organic farming. Join those who are using barn owls for natural rodent control and lower crop losses while reducing the amount of poisons entering the ecosystem. At the same time, help aid the conservation of this beautiful bird.
Weight 14 pounds
Shipping Weight 20 pounds
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Barn Owl Box - Barn Mount

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