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Coveside Sparrow Resistant Bluebird House

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If you'd like to attract bluebirds and not sparrows try the Coveside Sparrow Resistant Bluebird House.  This Kentucky style, slot entrance bluebird house is designed to thwart sparrows.  According to research at the University of Kentucky, bluebirds prefer a slot entrance to the standard circular hole -- sparrows prefer the opposite.  In addition, sparrows don't like a shallow box and bluebirds don't seem to mind.  This box is only 5" deep but if sparrows still continue to be a problem, a wooden insert is included to reduce the depth even more.  Sparrows rarely use the 3-1/2" depth, but bluebirds will still occupy it. Hand crafted in Maine of sustainably grown Eastern White Pine.
Dimensions: 10"h x 6"w x 8-1/2"d

Customer Reviews

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Not what I expected

I just received the Blue Bird House today. The material it is made from and workmanship is very good, not excellent. The roof edge is very rough. It looks as though the blade was dull and left a poor finish. Also, the inside door has no slots to facilitate the young getting out. And my biggest complaint is there was no perch for the bird. The picture depicted a perch on the house. When you select it and put in your basket it shows a perch. I guess I could have called to verify but I trusted what I was seeing.

Bluebirds love the slotted house

I have 2 slotted houses just like this one but without the bar across the front.I just ordered this particular bird house because it has the bar on front and also because it opens by pulling the door down instead of up, makes it easier to get pictures. The slot allows the heat in the house to dissipate better than the ones with the round holds. Also makes feeding the babies easier for mama bird as they grow. I can't address about the sparrows because we are blessed not to have any in this rural area. I'm looking forward to putting this house up for them.

Does the job

No problem with sparrows. I had 2 bluebirds after house being up less than 2 days. Only thing I don’t love about the nest box is the roof. It’s not cedar like the rest of the house. After being up a little more than 2 months the roof is very discolored and has black mold spots. Not pretty.

No more swallows!

I love the bluebird house designed to keep out swallows. We’ve always had trouble with swallows, and now they can have our old blue bird houses!

This really works!

I have a sparrow problem where I live. I have tried numerous boxes that were supposedly anti-sparrow but every year the sarrpes build a nest in them and chase my bluebirds off. I put this box up yesterday and I already have a pair of blue birds building a nest in it and there are no sparrows harassing them or trying to take over the box. I didn't use the hook on the back to hang it on a tree. I drilled two holes in the back and attached it with wire to a steel pole and put a predator guard at the bottom of the pole. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to attract bluebirds and not sparrows!

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