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Barn Owl House - Pole Mounted

Barn Owl Box - Pole Mount

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Our best selling barn owl box was designed specifically for healthy nesting of barn owls.  This nest box is the first of it's kind and it's been received with great applause by the market.  Features include:

  • Lightweight, rugged and long-lasting plastic (expect decades of use)

  • 5.5 inch entrance hole with 4"in ledge for landing

  • Rain guard to cover the entrance hole

  • Acrylic window in the rear for viewing eggs and chicks

  • Removable front for easy cleaning

The plastic material will never rot or need rebuilt or replaced.  Its light weight makes it easy to install on a pole or post and includes necessary mounting hardware and instructions to install.

The Pole Model includes a galvanized mounting bracket which easily attaches on top of a standard 4x4 or 6x6 wooden pole or to the flange on a metal pole. 100% safe for installation in direct sunlight due to its use of reflective pigment and efficient system of ventilation.  The box is actually two separate boxes in one: the outer box has the highly reflective coating on white plastic and the inner box is dark brown plastic (to maintain darkness inside)

The inner dark liner slides easily into the  white outer shell.  The dark liner helps keep the nest dark for the birds and also creates a critical air space. There are holes in the bottom of the outer white shell which vent air up in and around the boxes keeping the entire nest  cool even in full sun. Cleaning is also made very easy by simply removing the inner to easily dump the old materials.

The rear of the box has an acrylic viewing window also as shown in one of the pictures.  The window is perfect for allowing a safe and easy way to view the nest without disturbing the occupants. 

Whether you are a farmer or vintner wanting to incorporate barn owls into your rodent control program, a conservationist wanting to help bolster barn owl populations in your area, or a wildlife lover who desires to have these beautiful owls on your property, The Barn Owl Box provides an ideal nesting site for barn owls that will last indefinitely. Its rugged, molded-plastic construction offers a number of advantages over wood, including its light weight, durability, and ease of installation.

Product Dimension: 17" H x 17" W x 26" L -- not including landing ledge and rain guard.

Product Weight: 25 pounds

Product normally ships in 5-10 business days. 

Please contact us directly for volume pricing.

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