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Birdhouse with HD Camera Built In

Birdhouse with Hawkeye HD Camera

Birdhouse Spy Cam

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The HD Backyard Birdhouse is the all in one package.  A one-size-fits all birdhouse. With a 4" x 4" floor it will be a welcome home to a majority of smaller backyard birds, such as titmice, bluebirds, chickadees, and house wrens. Made of durable Eastern white pine. It comes fitted with a slate squirrel guard Infrared Hawk Eye Cam installed.  The Hawk Eye HD is a color video cam, with infrared night vision, built in microphone, and a weather shield so it can be used inside and out. Comes fully wired with 100' RCA (audio-, video-in) cable. Extensions are available. Although the image is color, be aware that colors inside a birdhouse will, at best, be muted. Infrared lights automatically take over when natural light levels are too low. Because it is also wired for infrared night vision, the infrared coming off vegetation can overwhelm the the camera's sensors, giving false colors. Works best in shaded areas. Grass, flowers, and other vegetation likely to appear off color.
The Hawk Eye Nature Cam camera connects directly to your TV, computer or recording device and enables you to capture live video.  Comes with color video, Infrared Night Vision, Microphone, Weather Shield,100' of Cable.
Check out this video to see the Hawk Eye in action.