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Nature House TM12 Purple Martin Mini Castle System

Nature House Purple Martin Mini Castle System

Nature House

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Start your own purple martin colony with the TM-12 Purple Martin Mini Castle System which is a complete purple martin house system.  The 12 room house is made of durable yet lightweight aluminum which helps to dissipate heat and maintain a comfortable temperature for the birds.  The aluminum also being lighter than wood or gourd systems is easy to raise and lower on the sturdy pole with rope lanyard elevating system. House stops instantly on post if rope slips out of your hand. Features individual doors to allow access to each compartment, guard rails to prevent nestling fall-out, roof perch provides additional perching for purple martins, and safety handle on pole to stop house at desired height. 

Also to prevent starlings from overtaking the house, consider changing the doors to SREH doors

This house includes:

  • Rope Lanyard Elevating System

  • 14' Pole and Ground Socket

  • Guard rails

  • Roof Perch

  • Swing-out doors

  • Winter door stops

  • Dri-nest sub floors

  • All Aluminum Construction

  • Guide Book

  • Vocalization CD

  • Decoy

  • USA made

  • Toll Free Parts and Tech Support

This purple martin house comes in simple-to-assemble kit form.

This house is 100% manufactured at the factory in Chicago Illinois with all USA made components and fully recycled aluminum.