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1" Round Pole Kit w/ Squirrel Baffle and Mounting Flange - 60" Tall

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This all-in-one, heavy-duty, 60" pole kit can be used to mount a large or medium bird feeder on a pole.

Package includes:

  • 3-sections of heavy-duty 16 gauge steel - 1" diameter tubing
  • Ground socket sinks 20" into the ground providing a stable base.
  • Black 14-1/2" cylindrical squirrel baffle to keep them away from your feeder
  • Flat-topped mounting flange (To attach feeder).
  • Holds 1 bird feeder on the pole.
  • Ground socket includes set screw and 1/2" turning hole, allows pole to extend full height above ground
  • Made in the USA
  • Package includes Twister, Squirrel Baffle, 28" base pole section with no swedges, 14" pole section which extends to 12", 22" pole section which extends to 20" and 1 mounting flange
SIZE 8 x 8 x 30

Customer Reviews

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I have emailed them twice and called once for help and have received no response.

Product 5, Customer Service 1

I realized almost immediately after ordering I inadvertently ordered two poles, but only wanted one. BEFORE the poles were shipped, I called twice and emailed twice. All attempts were ignored. AFTER the poles were shipped, I was offered a $20.00 coupon towards the platform feeder I meant to order. I twice asked how to receive the coupon so that I could place my order. Both requests were ignored.

Kelly Gallagher

Birds Choice 1" Round Pole Kit - 60" Tall

Michael Krawczak

Great all kinds of birds come to visit

Please Feed da Birds

This 1" Pole Kit works very well to support the platform bird feeder I bought at the same time. It comes unassembled, of course, and assembling and installing it is easy if you're reasonably handy. Make sure you have a way of seeing that it is plumb (absolutely vertical), because it's fairly tall when competed, so if it's off-vertical at the base, that error will be multiplied at the top. Also, make sure the spot you have picked out for it isn't rocky, or you might not be able to sink the screw-in base pole deeply enough. The instructions are sparing, and it helps greatly to try fitting everything together before heading out to the yard. Make sure you place the baffle high enough that squirrels won't be able to jump up onto the top of it. Enjoy the birds!

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