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About us

WildBirdStoreOnline.com is a Division of B2C Retail, LLC. It was founded and is run by nature lovers, not computer wizards. We love the outdoors and value every moment we can immerse ourselves in it. We set out to create a shopping experience that would be easy and fun for our customers who adore their feathered and furry visitors as much as we do. Our vision was to offer a complete assortment of the very best products at the lowest possible prices with the convenience of online shopping, delivered directly to our customers' doors.

We are authorized dealers for most major brands and try to continually scout the industry and present you with "new" products to make your life and that of your visitors easier and more enjoyable.

When you discover new products or simply products we don't yet carry please alert us so we can present them to our other valued customers. We value your feedback. Please let us know what we might do to make your shopping experience more enjoyable.