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An Intro to Purple Martins and Housing

Purple martins are some of the most elegant and desirable backyard guests with their glossy blue-purple plumage, graceful and acrobatic flight and voracious appetites for insects. Martins are a very desirable guest for many reasons.

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A Christmas Tree to Feed Birds

The festive season is all about decoration – lights on the house, garlands on the mantle, a centerpiece on the table – not to mention wrapped packages, mistletoe, card displays, decorated cookies and of course, the elaborately bedecked tree.

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Top Holiday Gifts for Birders

It might seem easy to choose a gift for a birder – after all, birds are everywhere, right? And so are feeders, seed, birding books, feathered trinkets and more. But so many options can actually make it harder to choose that perfect gift. Fortunately, we can help, and we've got everything you need for every bird lover on your holiday gift list.

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Useful Birding Information

Bird Feeding Chart

Need some guidance on which type of food is best for your birds? Check out our handy bird feeding guide to get started.

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Choosing A Bird Feeder

With so many options available we know it's not always easy to make the best decision. We put together this little guide to choosing the best bird feeder for your needs.

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Attracting Wild Birds

If there's one topic we get asked the most questions about it's certainly how to attract a certain type of bird or more birds to your yard.  This guide discusses in detail how to create a more attractive environment to attract more birds and wildlife to your backyard.

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