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Squirrel Feeders and Houses

One of the best deterrents available to keep these wise guys out of the bird feeder is to provide them with their own source of food.  Actually, there are large numbers of people that prefer feeding squirrels simply for the entertainment value alone.  Here we have a selection of some wacky squirrel feeders like the twirl a whirl feeders and in addition we have squirrel houses that they will make a little nest in and raise their young.  

Possibly the most popular items we sell are the twirling squirrel feeders that you can place corn cobs on and watch the squirrel go round and round trying to get that corn off. Mount of these on a large tree and you're set for year-round entertainment.  As with all our products these squirrel feeders and houses carry our 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  Please let us know if you need any assistance with your purchase.