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Coveside Bat Mansion

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Offer bats a grand roost in your yard with the Coveside Bat Mansion.  Several hundred bats have plenty of options with six chambers plus an attic, thus providing for greater temperature stability.  Bats seek the most comfortable temperature by moving up or down inside the house.   
The Bat Mansion is designed to house a large colony of over 100 bats. It is ideal for a nursing colony. Four partitions spaced at varying intervals allow for several common species of bat to occupy the chambers inside. An attic at the top serves to trap heat and warm the house. Larger bat species prefer an environment of 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit for nursery colonies, while smaller bats like their homes in the 90-110 degree range.
 Mount the Bat Mansion a minimum of 10 to 15 feet above ground, preferably on the side of a building, although mounting it on a tree is also acceptable if it is not in a shady or breezy spot. It should be in a sunny location and away from prevailing winds and power lines. In the northern half of the US, place the house where it will get about 4 hours of morning sun; in the southern states, 2 hours will be sufficient.
On the back of the house is a metal hanger at the top and a pre-drilled hole near the bottom. Put a screw (a fairly heavy one) into the side of a tree or building and leave the head sticking out about ¼. Place the metal hanger over the screw head. Then place a second screw through the pre-drilled hole and into the tree or building.
 A bat house may be occupied immediately, but more likely it will take a year or more for the bats to move in. While pesticides are one of the causes of the decline in bat population, more important causes are human persecution and loss of roosting sites. These little creatures need our help and erecting a habitat of this type is very beneficial to a species which is, in turn, very beneficial to mankind.
The Bat Mansion is tightly constructed of 1 thick Maine White Pine for insulation purposes and it will weather to a pleasing gray in time.
Capacity: 200 bats
Dimensions: 23-1/2"h x 11"w x 11-3/4"d
Construction: eastern white pine
Shipping Weight: 18 lb.

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