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Birds Choice Waters Edge 4 Floor-8 Room Suites Purple Martin House

PMW4 Waters Edge 4 Floor-8 Room Suites Purple Martin House
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Offer your martins a wonderful place to colonize with the Waters Edge 4 Floor- 8 Room Suites from Birds Choice.  One of the most scientifically proven houses available on the market today. The 6 x 12 suite concept utilizes two compartments per family offering an entry room and a nesting room. The martins enter through a starling resistant entry hole. From the entry room, they travel 90 degrees through a 2-1/4 opening into the nesting room with an elevated sub floor and nesting trays. This design provides greater protection from natural predators such as owls, raccoons, and hawks. Martins have a tendency to yield more fledglings from large compartments and the entry room serves as a protective staging area for the young birds prior to flight. Louvered air vents and attic insulation provide optimal protection from temperature extremes. Each suite has its own private porch with guard rail. Hinged doors allow easy access and roof perch lets the birds sit on top of their 'mansion.'  Mansion features include all cool aluminum and stainless steel construction, reflective roof, hinged clean out doors, guard rails, top perch, and an all aluminum base plate. Assembled with rivets.  Made to fit this Heavy Duty 12ft Pole.

We highly recommend door plugs be inserted when your martins migrate south to ensure sparrows or other birds don't nest in the house.  To ensure maximum martin occupancy please keep other birds out of the house. 

Available fully assembled or un-assembled.

Base plate adapter for mounting to pole included.  Adapter will fit any pole with inside diameter of 1-1/2" or outside diameter of 1-3/8".

Dimensions: 19 L x 14-1/4 W x 24 H

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Waters Edge Purple Martin houses

Superior service, price and product. Have bought houses like this in the past and they look like new after 10+ years!

Missing parts

We are missing one floor and we contacted you and left a voice message and no one has returned our call. Otherwise we like the birdhouse.

Missing some parts

There were too many screws.About 20 extra but short 6 nuts. Had to search my supplies to find enough to finish the job.

100% Occupancy

Excellent bird company! Excellent purple martin house. Largest clutches year-after-year. Thanks for helping us conserve nature!

Fantastic bird house!

I just received my 8 suite purple martin house (I paid the extra $30 to have it expertly assembled), and holy cow, this thing is amazing. Our feathered friend will pick a hole, enter his entry/mudroom where he can dust off his feathers and organize his thoughts before crossing into another hole, where his nest of babies is. Or, I guess if she prefers, she can sit on her nest and make her snoring husband sleep in the first area. I love the way this looks - the materials are classy, strong and well thought out. I am so anxious to get this put up!!

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