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The Seed Hoop - Seed Catcher and Platform Bird Feeder

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Bird lovers everywhere struggle with the mess of birds spilling seed from feeders onto the ground. It wastes seed, makes a mess, can damage your lawn, and attracts unwanted rodents. But just attach this lightweight fiberglass seed hoop to almost any bird feeder and catch virtually all the seed your birds spill.

It comes in a 30" diameter and a smaller 16" diameter for shepherd hooks and tube feeders. It's designed to fit almost any bird feeder, but folds to 1/3 its full size for easy storage and shipping. Groundfeeders love to feed from the seed hoop, and since it is made of mesh, seed dries quickly and won't rot! The Seed Hoop is a winner for you and your feathered friends!


  • Adapts to virtually all bird feeders
  • Is durable, lightweight and sturdy
  • Easy to attach or store
  • Saves money, catching up to 90% of spilled seed
  • Protects lawn and garden from rotting seeds, and damage to grass
  • Less mess on the ground for you to have to clean up
  • Serves as a platform feeder, keeping birds safe from ground predators
  • Eliminates a food source for rodents
  • Increases pleasure in bird watching, as more birds feed and they feed in full view
  • Wind guard on each saves even more seed
  • The SeedHoop also does well in snow
"The SeedHoop made feeding birds nice! Before, the seed would get on the ground. Then it built up and when it got wet, it started to rot and smell. It's more cost-effective too, because the birds are eating the seed that normally would have gotten dumped on the ground. It gives the ground-feeding birds a place where they can be safe. It's fabulous, especially for someone who doesn't want to see hard-earned money dumped on the ground." Shane, Ogden, Utah 
"I think the SeedHoop is a really good idea! Mine keeps the ground feeders up off the ground and away from the neighborhood cats. Less seed is lost, especially in the winter when spilled seed is otherwise buried in the snow on the ground. I have it on my pole feeder and it has held up well against wind." Debbie, Nebraska

Customer Reviews

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So helpful!

My husband was complaining because the seeds were ruining the lawn. This seed catcher was the perfect compromise. The birds & squirrels get into the net and eat the seeds that fall. Then once a week I tilt the net and the seed waste falls right into a bag. Easy as pie! And rain is not a problem at all it goes right through the net and the seeds dry quickly. I highly recommend!

MaryAnn Thrush

Loved what I received and so fast to deliver Thank You

Works great!

I had been thinking about how we could make something to attach to our feeder pole to catch seed because there always seemed to be so much of it on the ground making a big mess. I saw this seed hoop and thought I'd give it a shot. It is definitely helping to catch most of the overflow, and we've had a few really windy days that it weathered just fine. The birds also seem to enjoy getting on it and eating up the overflow seeds, so if you use waste free seed there is very little cleaning needed. My only suggestion would be to make a third slightly larger size to accommodate larger shepherd hooks. The outer edge of my feeders are right above the outer edge of the hoop, so some overflow is still hitting the ground. Overall, this is a great little item though. Highly recommend.

Robert C
The Seed Hoop Works Great

I placed a seed catcher on both my mixed seed feeder and suet feeder. A great improvement! Very little seed falls to the ground now and the catcher platform provides a secondary feeding station for larger birds without disturbing the smaller birds at the weight excluding feeding ports. It has also greatly decreased the amount of time chipmunks and squirrels congregate below the feeder.

Lucius Ray Miller
Perfect seed catcher

Works well and prevents wasting seeds

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