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Woodlink Caged Tube Bird Feeder

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Seed Tube Feeder Features

  • This caged bird feeder has a squirrel resistant design that prevents squirrels from eating the seed and provides a safe haven for small birds.
  • The 1.5 inch square grid fencing surrounding the seed tube provides perching for many small birds and keeps larger birds from feeding.
  • Birds will feed comfortably on individual perches at four re-inforced feeding ports.
  • The seed tube is a clear polycarbonate material which keeps the seed level visible at all times.
  • Feeder holds 1.25 lbs of sunflower or mixed seed and may be hung or pole-mounted.
  • Internal seed baffle design ensures that the feeder will empty completely and the clear seed tray is included.
  • The metal cap slides up easily for cleaning and seed replacement.
  • This feeder comes fully assembled and satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • The dimensions are 11"Dia x 16"H. Weight is 3.5 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Its Just Ok

To be fair its well made and easy to disassemble. For a day or three, it was great. Then the issues for me are as follows. Its not really squirrel proof. They will hang all over it and while doing so knock seed out of the feeder onto the ground and into the plastic tray at the bottom of the feeder. Also while hanging they are able to reach into the feeder holes especially where the cage curves in and empty the seed out as well. Then they chewed the plastic tray. I had to mount it on a pole with a squirrel baffle and it is working 100% for me now in regard to being squirrel proof. . As far as the larger birds go ( Starlings and Grackles ), they are able by hanging on the cage to get to the feeding ports where the cage curves in ( stupid design if you ask me ) emptying out the feeder tube. The larger birds also peck at the poor little birds that are trying to feed inside the cage. Now the smaller birds stay away from it no matter what seed I put in it. The larger birds also hang from the cage and eat the seed that has spilled into the tray. In retrospect, I would go without the plastic catch tray on this one. Or just go with the the Woodlink caged feeder without the tray or the curved sides. Hope this helps and maybe if you live in an area where you don't have to deal with these bully birds then this feeder might be great for you. For me its a disappointment.

sandra conti

Have not opened box yet as I am still deciding whether or not to return them, as no one has reached out to explain why I did not get the first time customer discount, despite multiple requests. Terrible customer service

Connie Clement
Caged birdfeeder

It is up now, took birds a bit to use it even though the other was a caged feed also. I like this feeder because it is easy to get the tube out for cleaning, it has buttons to push that released the tube and the tube with feeding ports slides out the top. My older one has to have feeding ports unscrewed while inside cage then lift tube out for cleaning.. ( can be nerve racking undoing and reattaching ports ) When I clean them I take them apart, so with quick release will be so much easier.
Plus the bigger birds and squirrels can't get the seed,(they get thiers too ) I do like the tray at the bottom so my red bellied woodpeckers can get the seeds that fall. Hope this helps, enjoy !!

Great Feeder

Definitely squirrel proof.. they try every day.. I get a big laugh. This is my second one. I love it. Gives the smaller birds a chance. Everyday I have many small birds, cardinals and even a woodpecker.. his bill is long enough to reach the seeds. Love the plastic tray insert for the birds that are too fat to get in the wire holes.

Susan Plinta
Just an ok feeder

I like feeders with trays so that the small birds can get inside and eat the fallen seeds, so that is a plus with this one. But you definitely need a cover over it when it rains, or all of that seed will get wet, even though there are drainage holes in the tray. The down side to this feeder and to others that I have bought and found out after the fact, is where some of the metal caging comes together. I have had on more than one occasion come home from work and found that a bird got its foot stuck where they have a "seam" on the feeder and the poor bird died. I do not understand why feeders are made in this way! This feeder is made like that and I have taped those areas so that it doesn't happen. This feeder also doesn't much seed, so expect to fill it daily, depending on how many birds you feed in your location.

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