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Window Alert - Bird Strike Prevention

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Millions of birds die each year when they fly into windows.  Help slow down this loss of life by using these high-tech decals.  WindowAlert decals can be used on any window in your home or business.  

Every decal creates a brilliant reflection of ultra-violet sunlight that the birds can see. The ultraviolet light however is 100% invisible to the human eye while glowing for wild birds.  These decals help our feathered friends see the windows before hitting the glass.

WindowAlert decals are static-cling; they easily apply and peel off glass. These decals are approximately 4 inches wide and should be placed a minimum of one every 3x3 foot section of glass. Decals come four per envelope and we strongly suggest at least 2 packs to ensure adequate coverage.  


Customer Reviews

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Marianne Moore
Living in the NE we get a lot of cold weather, so we finally had a 50* day last week.

We washed and placed the applications on the outside of the windows, so far only one bird hit the big picture window and it wasn't as bad as our previous experiences. The bird hit it but kept on flying so it wasn't full on and knock out as we had before. They have only been up for less than a week but we thing they are alerting the birds to keep away. They don't bother the beautiful view of the great outdoors, so we are very happy with this product. Also none are peeling, they seem to hold fast. Thank you!

Marlene Vaeth
Order not fulfilled

I contacted you yesterday and received prompt response. Hopeful of receiving order soon.

Aline Sullivan
Sullivan Save

Excellent product that saved our birds. Easy to use and the bird strikes stopped almost immediately. We keep these lovely Alerts on our windows at all times. Thanks for helping our birds feed safely in our yard.

Joan Panella
Chickadee and wren bird house

I was delighted when I received the bird house. It was constructed with the best materials with the bird in mind. It had a clean out door and the design was very attractive.

Renee OBrien
Bird stickers

Works great. Ordering more!

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