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Birds Choice Recycled Platform Feeder and Seed Catcher

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Ever disappointed when a pesky squirrel manages to dump all of your seed on the ground, and not in the feeder where it should be? Seed catchers are a perfect opportunity to not only catch your fallen seed and used seed husks, but also offer a different variety of feed than what is in your main feeder. Simply mount the platform on a 1" pole under a bird feeder to catch seeds and hulls or use separately as a feeder. It is made out of recycled plastic and milk jugs, creating a durable poly-lumber. The platform is a light taupe color and will last for many years in all weather in all types of weather. Two removable seed trays make for easy cleaning.

Dimensions: 22" x 22" x 3" H.


  • Constructed of recycled plastic
  • 2 removable seed trays
  • Mounts on a 1" pole

Mounting Notes: This feeder works great as a ground feeder if you select the matching leg set option or attach to a 1" round pole with the mounting flange optional add ons.  All you need is the 1" round pole( sold separately).

Customer Reviews

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Pole Mounted Option Is Not Good

IMO the feeder is too heavy for even the Birds Choice Poles which I also purchased with the feeder. Its quite wonky/wobbly despite being well anchored in the ground and I tightened the poles where they connect together with hose clamps. Not super attractive but did help. The main problem is when the medium to larger birds land and fly off of it. The whole thing sways back and forth and when its full of seed it just dumps on the ground due to the mesh screen trays not fitting tight in the feeder. No matter how I bend or manipulate them to fit, there are gaps that naturally just let the seed fall right to the ground. If you want to mount it up high then consider the one that mounts to a 4x4 or go with the smaller pole feeder.
To give credit where credit is due I purchased this feeder in hopes to get the Mourning Doves off the ground where I was feeding them but quickly ran into a rodent issue. ( Apparently Rats love millet!! ) Within an hour or less I had Mourning Doves in the feeder. As a matter of fact this feeder is amazing how it has enough room for larger birds like Blue Jays, Starlings and Doves and smaller birds like Chickadees, Finches, Wrens to all be in it at the same time. I now put seed on one side for the larger birds and on the other side for smaller birds which they do tend to cooperate most of the time and stay on their respective sides. Many times I've been having a beer on the back deck and I look over at the feeder and there are at least 10 birds of different species all in the feeder at the same time til an aggressive Blue Jay or Starling chases all the birds out.
Its also very well built, very sturdy. Maybe if you mount it lower on the pole as a seed catcher or lay it on the ground or a flat surface it would be better.
Finally my reason for the 3 stars is for the money this feeder should have been way more solid mounted on the same company poles. These are pricy items. I think I've got $200 into a setup that's below satisfactory IMO.

Brian Miller

I'd been looking for a platform feeder a bit larger than the typical one to rest under my large poly gazebo feeder, this is perfect! Any larger than this would surely require more support underneath, but I love it. Especially that its recycled and will weather the elements nicely...

lynne shugart
Platform Feeder/Seed catcher tray

This works great! I use it under a fly through feeder as an additional feeding station.
The cardinals and dove prefer it. The smaller birds will use it as well.

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