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Woodlink Caged Seed Tube Bird Feeder

Woodlink / Audubon

  • $48.33

Seed Tube Feeder Features

  • This bird feeder has a squirrel resistant design that prevents squirrels from eating the seed and provides a safe haven for small birds.
  • The 1.5 inch square grid fencing surrounding the seed tube provides perching for many small birds and keeps larger birds from feeding.
  • Birds will feed comfortably on individual perches at six re-inforced feeding ports.
  • The flow-through base prevents seeds from collecting and enticing squirrels.
  • The seed tube is a clear polycarbonate material which keeps the seed level visible at all times
  • Feeder holds 1.25 lbs of sunflower or mixed seed.
  • Internal seed baffle design ensures that the feeder will empty completely.
  • The large metal roof deters squirrels and keeps seed fresh and dry.
  • The metal cap slides up easily for cleaning and seed replacement.
  • This feeder comes fully assembled and satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • The dimensions are 11"Dia x 16.5"H.
  • Weight is 4 lbs.