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Woodlink Coppertop Caged Bird Feeder

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Seed Tube Feeder Features

  • This brushed copper bird feeder has a squirrel resistant design that prevents squirrels from eating the seed and provides a safe haven for small birds.
  • The 1.5 inch square grid fencing surrounding the seed tube provides perching for many small birds and keeps larger birds from feeding.
  • Birds will feed comfortably on individual perches at six reinforced feeding ports.
  • The flow-through base prevents seeds from collecting and enticing squirrels.
  • The seed tube is a clear poly-carbonate material which keeps the seed level visible at all times
  • Feeder holds 1.25 lbs of sunflower or mixed seed and may be hung or pole-mounted.
  • Internal seed baffle design ensures that the feeder will empty completely.
  • The large brushed copper roof deters squirrels and keeps seed fresh and dry.
  • The metal cap slides up easily for cleaning and seed replacement.
  • This feeder comes fully assembled and satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • The dimensions are 11"Dia x 16.5"H.
  • Weight is 3.75 lbs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kathleen Warner
Perfect for me

Easy to fill, easy to clean. The bottom is wire, not solid, so very good drainage! Birds love it. The largest bird I have seen in the feeder is a downy woodpecker.

Robert Clunie
Beautiful Feeder, easy clean & fill.

Coppertop matches colorful baffles or orange & purple beautifully. Birds love it too.

Adam Dancer
Bird Feeder


Ralph Johnshoy

Woodlink Coppertop Caged Bird Feeder

Virginia Birder
Finches galore

I bought this to replace a 15 yr old heavy duty copper feeder that the squirrels finally broke thru. This was the closest I could find. It is working well so far, the small birds love it and the squirrels are still frustrated. The only reasons it isn't a 5 star is I had to use metal duct tape to cover the top of the plastic tube and use a spring across the lid to keep one very persistent squirrel from sitting on top chewing and pawing at the top of the plastic tube & lightweight lid to get it open. Arrived very promptly also.

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