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Coveside Bat Tower


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The Coveside Bat Tower sets the trend in new design and functionality.  Features 3 chambers and an attic space that hold 100 bats.  Latest research indicates that the most successful bat houses are mounted on buildings or are free-standing. The innovative bat tower mounts directly on a 4x4 post, 1-1/4" pole or a purple martin pole with a 1.25"-1.38" outside diameter.  The post actually becomes the landing platform, and from there bats easily climb into the house. The four internal chambers and attic provide for multiple roosting opportunities allowing bats to find their own comfort zone.   Interior is rough surface wood allowing bats easily move about inside.  In addition, the side opens to quell the curiosity of the serious "bat-o-phile." (Picture shows house with door partially opened.).  Hand crafted in Maine of sustainably grown Eastern White Pine.

Dimensions: 7"L x 6.5"W (at base) x 25"H
Shipping Weight: 11 lbs
Place the Bat Tower in a sunny location and away from prevailing winds and power lines. In the northern half of the US, place the house where it will get about 4 hours of morning sun; in the southern states, 2 hours will be sufficient.
A bat house may be occupied immediately, but more likely it will take a year or more for the bats to move in. While pesticides are one of the causes of the decline in bat population, more important causes are human persecution and loss of roosting sites. These little creatures need our help and erecting a habitat of this type is very beneficial to a species which is, in turn, very beneficial to mankind.