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Coveside Small Wood Duck House


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"Dump nesting" occurs when a number of females lay eggs in a single house, which sometimes results in clutches with over 70 eggs. To reduce this problem, a smaller nest box was designed and "dump nesting" was reduced. Although fewer ducklings are fledged from each box, the survival rate is improved and the cost per fledgling is less.
Material: This box comes with a wire ladder and nesting chips, and the front opens for observation and cleaning.
Habitat: Nests beside wooded rivers and ponds. Visits freshwater marshes in late summer and fall.
Range: Breeds from British Columbia south to California, and from Montana east to Nova Scotia, and south to Texas and Florida; absent from Rocky Mountains and Great Plains. Winters near Pacific Coast north to Washington, and to New Jersey in East, rarely further north.
Dimensions: 17" x 7-1/2" x 15"d
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