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Troyer Vertical Gourds


  • $25.00

 #1 Selling Amish Gourd of all Time!  


  • Extra Large Nesting Cavity 13" Deep
  • Conley II Tunnel features Wing Entrapment Guard so birds don't get caught up.
  • Martins prefer this "Conley" opening to crescent in field test!
  • UV-protected Polyethylene material on gourd and cap.
  • Design protects martins from Raccoons, Owls and Hawks
  • Can be hung from wires or rack systems
  • Tunnel includes a textured porch for perching and internal traction or the birds
  • Tunnel Trap TTHT compatible and highly recommended
  • Recommend to be hung on horizontal arms of the Deluxe Gourd Rack, Trendsetter Gourd Rack or Other High Quality Racks below.
Note: Round Entrance does not include entrapment guard.  We do not recommend round entrance holes for martins but they are excellent for bluebirds and some other songbirds
Very Important! Into each mini canopy drill a ¼" hole. This will vent the gourd. Plug
the holes during the spring, and open once the young are 7-10 days old.