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Wireless Hawk Eye Camera

Wireless Hawk Eye Camera

Birdhouse Spy Cam

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Wireless cameras transmit their audio and video signals through the air, however with all wireless cameras, they still need power and thus a power cable must be run to the camera.  Camera is ideally suited for those who can not get the AV cable coming off the regular Hawk Eye camera.  The transmitter that receives the audio/video signals from the camera goes directly into the television, computer, or other monitoring device, giving the user live, 24/7, real time viewing. The color video camera comes with infrared night vision, and built in microphone. Must be sheltered from the weather. Comes with 100 ft. of low voltage power cable (our Extension cable). System runs off 9-volt power adapter, and so is safe for use outside. Variable focus lens from 1/8 to infinity. Although the image is color, be aware that colors inside a birdhouse, where there is no natural light, will be muted. Originally designed for bird watching, customers are using it to watch everything from deer and other wildlife to horses, goats, and other livestock, as well as pets.