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Woodpecker, Flicker, Kestrel House

Woodlink / Audubon

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  • This cedar wood shelter offers a safe nesting place for woodpeckers and kestrels.
  • The sloping roof of the house sheds water and overhangs the entrance, protecting the birds from the elements.
  • A ventilation slot under the roof provides temperature regulation for added comfort and safety.
  • The 2-1/4"  hole size is perfect for woodpeckers and kestrels.
  • Wood shavings are included to provide the birds with nesting material.
  • The front panel swings up for convenient cleaning and observation and closes with an easy to use latch.
  • Mount the house near open woods or on the edge of wooded lots, eight to twenty feet high in a tree or on a wall. 
  • Dimensions are 15"H x 7"W x 9.5"D.
  • Weight is 5 lbs.