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Heartwood 138A Screech Owl Box

Heartwood Screech Owl Box


  • $62.99

Provide your screech owls a perfect roost with the Heartwood Joy Box Screech Owl House. Slanted roof has a significant overhang, to protect the 3" diameter entrance hole from moisture. Ventilation is ensured with holes on the top of the frame while slots in the base act allow for drainage.  Netting is provided on the interior of the door allowing fledglings to easily exit the nest.  Solid cypress construction provides natural insulation and meshes with the surrounding environment.  The Heartwood Joy Box Screech Owl House mounts easily to a post or wall.
Made in the USA.

Opening: 3" dia.
Dimensions: 12.125"L x 9.125"W x 21"H
Product Weight: 11 pounds
Shipping Weight: 13 pounds