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coveside common merganser duck box #10130

Coveside Common Merganser House


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This Coveside Common Merganser House is designed and constructed to provide a perfect nest box for mergansers which normally nest in tree cavities.
About Common Mergansers: Common Mergansers breed across Canada from eastern Alaska, Manitoba and Newfoundland and south in mountains to California, northern New Mexico, Great Lakes and northern New England. Their winter range extends south to northern Mexico and Georgia; also in Eurasia. Mergansers breed on wooded rivers and ponds. In winters they are found mainly on lakes and rivers, occasionally on salt water.
Material: This nesting box is hand crafted of natural wood. The side panel opens to allow for easy clean-out at the end of the nesting season.
Dimensions: 24-1/4"High x 11"Wide x 15"Deep
Weight: 13 pounds
Shipping Weight: 19 pounds
Placement: To simulate their natural nesting preferences and give added protection from predators, position the house on a pole in the open water.
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