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A Christmas Tree to Feed Birds

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The festive season is all about decoration – lights on the house, garlands on the mantle, a centerpiece on the table – not to mention wrapped packages, mistletoe, card displays, decorated cookies and of course, the elaborately bedecked tree. But while you're stringing lights, ornaments and tinsel on your tree indoors, why not decorate a tree outdoors for birds to enjoy? It's easy to extend the holiday spirit to your feathered friends with a tree decorated especially with treats and goodies to make their season merry.

Picking the Right Tree 

You might visit many different tree lots and consider dozens of trees before selecting the perfect holiday decoration for your home, but backyard birds aren't nearly so picky and any tree can be a perfect festive holiday feeder. Either deciduous or evergreen trees will work, as long as there are good, sturdy branches for holding treats and perching, and even a large shrub can make a great holiday feeding area. Ideally, the tree should be clearly visible from a comfortable window so you can watch the birds enjoying their snacks, but avoid trees or shrubs that are too close to windows that could raise the risk of dangerous window collisions. If the tree is close to an already popular feeding area, the birds will find it even faster.


Bird Christmas Tree Decorations

There are many delicious and nutritious options to feed winter birds from a festive tree. Easy and popular options include… 

  • Popcorn strings (use plain, air-popped popcorn with no salt or butter)
  • Whole peanuts on a string
  • Fruit strings, such as cranberries, grapes, orange slices or dried apple rings
  • Pine cone "ornament" feeders smeared with peanut butter or suet and coated with seed
  • Suet cakes or balls hung as tasty ornaments
  • Birdseed ornaments in festive shapes such as wreaths, bells, holly leaves or stockings

 bird seed ornament

Of course, hanging a feeder or two in the tree will make it even tastier for birds to visit, and will make it easier to refill all through the holiday season. Consider a simple hanging platform, such as the Woodlink Going Green Platform Bird Feeder, which is easy to fill with seed, suet crumbles, fruit chunks or other quick treats. Mesh feeders, like the Woodlink Steel Magnum Thistle Bird Feeder, are ideal for feeding winter finches such as redpolls and siskins. You don't want to forget your woodpeckers, nuthatches and other suet-loving friends, however, so add a cage suet feeder such as the Birds Choice Recycled Double Cake Suet Feeder to the tree as well.


No matter which treats or feeders you choose, be sure you are using the best options for your winter birds. No matter how beautiful a hummingbird feeder may be, or how stunning it could look as part of a decorated tree, it won't help your birds if you don't actually have any hummingbirds in winter! Fortunately, with so many great options to choose from, it's easy to decorate a delicious tree your winter birds will appreciate, and they'll be welcome guests for your holiday festivities all season long.  Back to home page: https://www.wildbirdstoreonline.com/

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