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Top Holiday Gifts for Birders

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It might seem easy to choose a gift for a birder – after all, birds are everywhere, right? And so are feeders, seed, birding books, feathered trinkets and more. But so many options can actually make it harder to choose that perfect gift. Fortunately, we can help, and we've got everything you need for every bird lover on your holiday gift list.


Choosing the Best Winter Gifts 

When shopping for gifts for winter holidays – a Thanksgiving thank you, a Christmas gift, a Hanukkah present or just something special to ring in the new year – it is best to look for options that can be used right away. Hummingbird feeders, for example, are often popular, but it may be months before they can be put to their proper use. There are plenty of amazing winter options, however, that can warm the hearts of every winter birder!


Top 5 Winter Gifts Birders Will Love 

  1. Bird Feeders
    You can't go wrong with a new bird feeder, but choose a feeder type that will appeal to winter birds. The Woodlink Brushed Copper Bird Feeder has sturdy mesh to feed winter finches, and it will be equally useful in the summer when goldfinches visit. For birders who like to offer the high fat foods birds need in winter, the Birds Choice Recycled Upside Down Suet Feeder is ideal, since starlings and grackles can't cling to access the suet but woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees can. The brand new Woodlink Caged Screen Sunflower Bird Feeder is a great option for all-around bird feeding, while the cage will help keep squirrels at bay. If all birds are welcome at the buffet, try the Birds Choice Double Decker Hopper Platform Bird Feeder with its upper and lower levels to accommodate birds of all sizes and species.
  2. Baffles
    Help bird lovers protect their feeders with sturdy baffles that squirrels and other critters can't get around. The Woodlink Coppertop Leaf Squirrel Baffle is a broad, beautiful design, while more familiar, versatile stovepipe and wrap-around baffles are also available. Another creative option is The Seed Hoop, which can serve as a baffle as well as a tray to catch spilled seed. Birds will perch on the screen base to feed, and because the seed is caught, there is no worry about a buildup of nasty hulls or rotting seed under the feeder all winter long.
  3. Heated Bird Baths
    Even though birds can eat ice and snow, providing liquid water will help birds conserve energy and maintain body heat so they can survive winter's severe conditions. To help winter birds, every backyard birder should have a heated bird bath, and the Allied Precision Heated Birdbath with Pedestal is an elegant option that will be right at home in any garden. For backyard birders who prefer to keep the feathered action on their deck or balcony, the Songbird Heated Birdbath Spa is a great choice that will attach easily to a railing. If a birder already has a favorite bird bath, opting for an immersion heater like the 50 W Birdbath Ice Eliminator can turn any basin into a winter spa birds will enjoy.
  4. Homes and Houses
    Being a bird landlord can be a great experience for any backyard birder, but typical songbirds aren't nesting in the winter. More unusual birds are checking out real estate at this time of year, however, and the right house just might get some new tenants! Owls look for secure nesting sites in winter, and the Woodlink Screech Owl Box is a popular option for both eastern and western screech-owls. The Barn Owl Box is another superb choice that will encourage elegant and ethereal barn owls to take up residence. But owls aren't the only birds looking for homes in winter – many ducks will start staking out territory quite early! This Wood Duck Nest Box and the Coveside Hooded Merganser House are both excellent options for cavity-nesting ducks.
  5. Gift Cards
    Not sure which gifts will be best for your birding friends and family members? We have gift cards available so you can give the ultimate of flexible gifts that still acknowledges the recipient's love of all things feathered. Denominations of $10, $25, $50 and $100 are available, letting you choose exactly the level of gift card that suits your gift-giving budget, with every penny going to help a birding friend enjoy their passion for birds.


Need more suggestions for the perfect gift? Browse through our store or contact us for customized ideas for both you and the birds!

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